Sid Feldman Legacy Fund

Legacy: the ability to make a lasting difference in an individual's life by offering them the financial assistance to ahieve a college degree.

The Sid Feldman Legacy Fund is a volunteer-driven scholarship fund that began in January 2010. The scholarship funds partial tuition to DePaul University to two students from the Chicago Public School district each year for four years of undergraduate education.

As of August 2018 over $675,000 has been raised from donations secured by teams of volunteers charged with supporting the fund. These volunteers raise funds from family members, friends, coworkers and others, as well as through fundraising events with local businesses and restaurants.

By giving to Sid Feldman, you help enrich the educational opportunities of our students and ensure they are able to fulfill their dreams. Your contribution will have a lasting effect on the lives of students for generations to come.

Thank you to the volunteers, donors and supporters who help underprivileged youth from Chicago achieve their educational goals at DePaul University.

Making an Impact

What does the Sid Feldman scholarship mean to the students who receive it? Hear from Juan Lopez, the first student recipient, and Daniela Roza, about how education and the scholarship are making an impact in their lives.