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About the Fund

Out of every 100 freshmen entering a Chicago public high school, only eight will end up earning a bachelor's degree by the time they are in their mid-20s.* Chicago Public School students cite the prohibitive cost, lack of preparation and lack of encouragement to apply to colleges. *according to the Consortium on Chicago School Research

You can help change this statistic and change the lives of two students when you make a gift to the Sid Feldman Legacy Fund.

Sid Feldman was a staunch proponent of education. Born and raised in the Chicago Stockyards, Sid was a successful businessman which he attributed in part to being open to learning and education. The blessings of his career have been bestowed upon many to enable them access to education which may have been otherwise out of their reach. The Sid Feldman Legacy Fund hopes to continue his belief in education and it's accessibility for all.

Verified Non Profit Status

Your gift to the Sid Feldman Legacy Fund qualifies as a tax donation for your tax reporting purposes through DePaul University's non profit status.

Volunteers Make it Possible

The Sid Feldman Legacy Fund scholarship is made possible by the dedicated support of an army of volunteers

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